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NEWS: 28 1330 JUL 2002

I spent all day yesterday seam sealing my new Moonbow custom poncho/tarp. After seam sealing it weighs 10.6 ounces - not bad! I added 4 mini carabineers and some cord that brought the system up to 11.4 ounces for a poncho/pack cover/tarp system.

With this data I updated the Moonbow review, the Tarp set up page, and the Hennessy Hammock Review.

SGT Rock!

NEWS: 27 1130 JUL 2002

It's a nice morning this morning. Yesterday I received my Moonbow custom Poncho/Tarp designed for my Hennessy Hammock. It has all the features of the ID Sil-poncho plus some, and only weighs 9.4 ounces, but it does need seam sealing which I plan to do this weekend. Hopefully I can get some photos up this weekend. I guess I need to hit the trail!

Besides my new poncho, I also have a Clark Jungle Hammock coming and two stoves also en-route: the Brasslite and a Trangia. I can't wait to play with all this stuff!

I've also updated my planned AT Thru-hike packing list. I'm trying to get my packing list streamlined for the early march weather.

SGT Rock!

NEWS: 22 1130 JUL 2002

It's my Anniversary today. Household 6 and I have been married for 14 years. WOW!

The membership over at Appalachian Trail Forum is growing rapidly, especially considering it is prime hiking season. Go over there and join, then contribute. I like this forum because of the freedom they allow posters.

SGT Rock!

NEWS: 21 1400 JUL 2002

Just a small update today. I fixed up the format on a couple of pages, but nothing worth mentioning. I mainly wanted to highlight a new set of web sites. The White Blaze Network is a ring of AT related sites that is growing. Currently it contains two sites: Appalachian Trail Forum which is a good forum that is growing every day with experienced hikers to help you plan an AT hike, and Appalachian Trail Journals which is a listing of AT trail journals from section and thru-hikers and also a hosting service. I've added links to all three sites on the Links Page.

And without knowing it, I was added to the White Blaze Network, so I added a link to the menu.

SGT Rock!

NEWS: 20 1030 JUL 2002

Nothing really updated today except a couple of minor fixes like adding the Moonbow Gearskin to the Review index page.

But in the news, I am currently negotiating for the loan of two pieces of gear to test. The first is a Clark Jungle Hammock being lent to me by the owner Animo, so this won't be a test coordinated with a manufacturer. The second test I'm working on is getting a Brasslite stove directly from the company, well the maker Aaron Rosenbloom who makes these by hand.

Hope I see ya'll out on the trail somewhere this weekend.

SGT Rock!

NEWS: 14 1200 JUL 2002

I updated the Moonbow Gearskin Review with a couple of fixes, and then I uploaded a slightly modified version to eGroup Backpack Gear Testing as an owner's review.

I'm also negotiating the loan of a Clark Jungle Hammock to test. I probably will not get a chance to test it until September because of a JRTC deployment in August.

SGT Rock!

NEWS: 13 1800 JUL 2002

Today I added some pictures to the Moonbow Gearskin review. The review is getting more in-depth every time I open it. I absolutely love this pack and bet you would too if you would give it a try. All I plan to add are some pictures of my poncho that should be coming soon, anything else will be a result of answering questions from readers. Go check out the review.

I also was at Wal-Mart today and found an aluminum mug which has a great capacity and handle, so I bought one to try as an ultralight pot. Check it out too.

SGT Rock!

NEWS: 07 2130 JUL 2002

Today I just fixed a couple of errors on my Bio and the Gearskin Review.

In other news, Trailplace has added a forum again.

SGT Rock!

NEWS: 06 1230 JUL 2002

I finally did it! I finished the 50 pound test of the Moonbow Gearskin! I was still feeling a little sick today, and my broken toe still hurts, but I forced myself out on the trail for the final weight test and I'm glad I did. Not only did I have a nice refreshing morning 8 mile hike, I found I liked this "pack" even more. Honestly, I figured that that the 50 pound load would be too much - especially considering the Gearskin is a frameless rucksack type system. I figured I would have to quit a mile or two into it with back pain, but boy was I surprised. I did the entire 8 miles without taking the pack off once and never stopped longer than it took to relive myself.

You ought to go check out the review, even if you have been keeping up with it. I added some new information directly from Jonathan McCue about warrantees and the advertised pack weight. I also re-arranged some of the information to make it more organized.

SGT Rock!

NEWS: 05 1230 JUL 2002

Well, I planned to do the 50 pound test of the Moonbow Gearskin this morning, but yesterday I took sick. This morning was another late wake up and no test. Sorry.

But since I was under the weather yesterday, I took the opportunity to do some writing. Something I had wanted to do was update my bio with how I got my trail name, and write a short article about how I have transitioned to lightweight and how others can do it too. The article got a little longer than I planned.

SGT Rock!

NEWS: 04 1600 JUL 2002

Well, I planned to do the 50 pound test of the Moonbow Gearskin this morning, but I stayed up too late last night, then got up too late this morning, so maybe tomorrow. I've started to entertain the notion of creating a site award for very cool gear because of the Gearskin. the only two items that would get it for now would be the Hennessy Hammock and the Moonbow Gearskin.

I've also finished the book review on "A Journey North" by Adrienne Hall. In case your one of the one or two people that even reads my reviews.

On another note, you may notice a new link on the side for ordering a custom stove. It was in response to someone telling me they couldn't find the page anywhere.

Have a happy Independence Day!

SGT Rock!

NEWS: 03 1700 JUL 2002

Today has been a rainy day, so I've been doing some site work. First thing I did was take some photos and update the Moonbow Gearskin Review trying to show what I mean on some things rather than trying to say it. A picture can do it so much better sometimes. I hope to knock out the 50 pound test tomorrow morning before it gets hot. That will only leave the poncho portion of the Moonbow review to finish. Check out the review, then go get a Gearskin!

I've also started transcribing my trip journal from the recent Eagle Rock Loop trip. I have most of the text typed and set up, but the pictures are still in being developed. I'm already longing to hit the trail again.

Lastly, I've posted instructions for building a lemonade jar/bowl/cup.

SGT Rock!

NEWS: 02 2245 JUL 2002

I've gone in and did some updating to the Moonbow Gearskin Review based on some feedback from Jonathan McCue about a few details, and to answer a few questions about the Gearskin that have already been asked of me. LISTEN! These "packs" are absolutely one of the best innovations I've seen in a long time. In the top three pieces of gear I use, the Hennessy A-Sym Hammock, the Moonbow Gearskin, and the Turbo V8 stove would be there. If you are planning to get a pack - this should be it.

I've also gone and updated my packing list to reflect the change in gear, as well as some other minor changes to my clothing lists that were slightly out of date.

In other news, the domain has shown up on a couple other search engines. I'm still monitoring about four that haven't updated. I hope they will soon.

SGT Rock!


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