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Pay attention you dirt bag sissies, I'm here to make you a REAL HIKER!

Last updated: 28 Jul 2004

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Actually I'm trying to capture some of the things I've learned about hiking and backpacking in a place to share them. Hope you find something here you can use. Let me know if you have any suggestions. I will try things before putting them up. I only want to present information that I have used and that is helpful.

SGT Rock!


NEWS: 17 0845 JAN 2003

I've got today off for MLK weekend, which is nice since last weekend I was in the field. Mainly I'm doing some housework and such, but I'm also working on a couple of site projects.

The forum: "Around the Campfire" is doing better than I expected. I guess after months with the old one and not getting much action I thought no one needed one on this site. I guess the real problem was just how bad that software was and the pop-up insanity. One really big hit has been the Hiker Lexicon, a project I tried once before with very little success. Now it is rolling like a thru-hiker high from snickers. Please come contribute.

Oh, and my daughter the senior in high school wants me to talk to an Army recruiter next week LOL!

SGT Rock!

NEWS: 14 1930 JAN 2003 is back and so am I. The field was cold but I survived in my hammock, and attroll and easy have saved Whiteblaze. Kudos.

My wife being a true angel bought me a site license for vBulletin since I liked the software so much. Now I have moved Around the Campfire to my server and off EzBoard which I was never very happy with. I'm about to start doing some personalizing to fix it up and try to do some new things with it.

More updates later to this site. Right now I have a lot of e-mail to catch up on and some forum work.

SGT Rock!

NEWS: 07 1500 JAN 2003

After doing some work and quick study, I've got a new forum started at this site, it doesn't have a real name yet, and the look isn't anything special yet, but please go register and spread the word. It would make me happy if we blew the lid off my bandwidth.

AT Forum (For the lack of a better name)

I'm looking to get everyone back from the Whiteblaze and as much interaction as possible to make the site user friendly.

SGT Rock!

NEWS: 07 1500 JAN 2003

Well, another year has gone by since I started the site, and things are going well here, especially considering how they could be going. I may get the call any day to go to the desert. Until then I'm backlogged on products to review. I've got a couple of alcohol stoves, a sleeping bag, and some other goodies; as well as a few more in the mail. To top that off, some contributors have given me some grammar edits I should make so I don't murder the English language too bad.

Also, a lot of you out there know I've been supporting the WhiteBlaze site, and was going to help take it over. Looks like today the site died completely. I really came to love the site and think I'll do something to try and help get the community to stay together. Since I'm about to launch out on a week of field training, I don't have time to monkey with getting all the required stuff together. So in the meantime I've set up my EzBoard as a community chest account so any displaced Whiteblazers can go there.

Around the Campfire (my Forum)

SGT Rock!

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